Terms and Conditions

A. Your Account

To get to specific administrations offered by the stage, we may necessitate that you make a record with us or give individual data to finish the making of a record. We may whenever in our sole and total circumspection, negate the username as well as secret word without giving any reason or earlier see and will not be at risk or in charge of any misfortunes endured by, brought about by, emerging out of, regarding or by reason of such solicitation or nullification.

You are in charge of keeping up the secrecy of your client distinguishing proof, secret word, account subtleties and related private data. You consent to acknowledge this duty and guarantee your record and its related subtleties are kept up safely consistently and every vital advance are taken to anticipate abuse of your record. You ought to educate us quickly in the event that you have any motivation to accept that your secret key has turned out to be known to any other person, or if the secret key is being, or is probably going to be, utilized in an unapproved way. You concur and recognize that any utilization of the Site and related administrations offered as well as any entrance to private data, information or interchanges utilizing your record and secret key will be considered to be either performed by you or approved by you by and large. You consent to be bound by any entrance of the Site as well as utilization of any administrations offered by the Site (regardless of whether such access or use are approved by you or not). You concur that we will be entitled (yet not obliged) to follow up on, depend on or consider you exclusively mindful and at risk in regard thereof as though the equivalent were done or transmitted by you. You further concur and recognize that you will be bound by and consent to completely repay us against any misfortunes emerging from the utilization of or access to the Site through your record.

If it’s not too much trouble guarantee that the subtleties you furnish us with are right and complete consistently. You are committed to refresh insights regarding your record progressively by getting to your record on the web. For snippets of data you are not ready to refresh by getting to Your Account on the Site, you should advise us through our client care correspondence channels to help you with these changes. We claim all authority to decline access to the Site, end records, expel or alter content whenever without earlier notice to you. We may whenever in our sole and outright caution, demand that you update your Personal Data or forthwith nullify the record or related subtleties without giving any reason or earlier see and will not be obligated or in charge of any misfortunes endured by or brought about by you or emerging out of or regarding or by reason of such solicitation or negation. You therefore consent to change your secret phrase every now and then and to keep your record secure and furthermore will be in charge of the privacy of your record and at risk for any revelation or use (regardless of whether such use is approved or not) of the username and additionally secret word.

B. Protection

It would be ideal if you audit our Privacy Agreement, which likewise oversees your visit to the Site. The individual data/information gave to us by you or your utilization of the Site will be treated as carefully secret, as per the Privacy Agreement and appropriate laws and guidelines. In the event that you article to your data being moved or utilized in the way indicated in the Privacy Agreement, kindly don’t utilize the Site.

C. Stage For Communication

You concur, comprehend and recognize that the Site is an online stage that empowers you to buy items recorded at the cost showed in that whenever from any area utilizing an installment technique for your decision. You further concur and recognize that we are just a facilitator and can’t be a gathering to or control in any way any exchanges on the Site or on an installment door as made accessible to you by a free specialist organization. In like manner, the agreement of clearance of items on the Site will be a carefully bipartite contract among you and the venders on our Site while the installment preparing happens between you, the specialist co-op and if there should be an occurrence of prepayments with electronic cards your backer bank. As needs be, the agreement of installment on the Site will be carefully a bipartite contract among you and the specialist co-op as recorded on our Site.

D. Your Conduct

You should not utilize the site at all that causes, or is probably going to cause, the Site or access to it to be interfered, harmed or impeded in any capacity. You should not participate in exercises that could mischief or conceivably hurt the Site, its workers, officials, delegates, partners or some other gathering straightforwardly or by implication related with the Site or access to it to be intruded, harmed or impeded in any capacity. You comprehend that you, and not us, are in charge of every single electronic correspondence and substance sent from your PC to us and you should utilize the Site for legitimate purposes as it were. You are carefully precluded from utilizing the Site

• for fake purposes, or regarding a criminal offense or other unlawful action

• to send, use or reuse any material that does not have a place with you; or is illicit, hostile (counting yet not restricted to material that is explicitly unequivocal substance or which advances prejudice, extremism, contempt or physical damage), beguiling, deceiving, harsh, disgusting, bugging, ungodly, abusive, offensive, vulgar, obscene, paedophilic or threatening; ethnically shocking, demonizing or in rupture of copyright, trademark, classification, protection or some other exclusive data or right; or is generally damaging to outsiders; or identifies with or advances illegal tax avoidance or betting; or is destructive to minors in any capacity; or imitates someone else; or compromises the solidarity, uprightness, security or power of Bangladesh or well disposed relations with remote States; or questionable or generally unlawful in any way at all; or which comprises of or contains programming infections, political crusading, business sales, junk letters, mass mailings or any “spam”

• Use the Site for illicit purposes.

• to cause irritation, burden or unnecessary nervousness

• for whatever other purposes that is other than what is proposed by us

E. Your Submission

Anything that you submit to the Site as well as give to us, including yet not restricted to, questions, audits, remarks, and proposals (on the whole, “Entries”) will turn into our sole and selective property and will not be come back to you. Notwithstanding the rights pertinent to any Submission, when you post remarks or audits to the Site, you likewise award us the privilege to utilize the name that you submit, regarding such survey, remark, or other substance. You will not utilize a bogus email address, profess to be somebody other than yourself or generally deceive us or outsiders with regards to the starting point of any Submissions. We may, yet will not be committed to, expel or alter any Submissions with no notice or lawful course material to us in such manner.